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Each summer, the sun tends to bring out pigment spots, which is a pain to get rid of, but sunblock and a couple unique active ingredients are up for the task, while of course, prevention is also key.
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We hear plenty of negative news about sunlight and UV-rays these days, which created a general sense of fear in many. Of course, protecting your skin against damaging rays is necessary, however, by following a couple important rules, you can easily achieve a nice color while staying safe and keeping your skin healthy. Timing is everything

Wellness & mind

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It is always a good idea to prepare your skin for a heat wave - which we are definitely experiencing now. Summer skincare can differ from your usual one, as the body craves more water and the skin tends to be oilier and prone to inflammation. However, keeping your skin hydrated is not the only thing you need to be conscious of.
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New Year’s resolutions often include goals such as healthier lifestyle, better diet and weight loss. If your goal is to get in shape, a healthy diet and regular exercise can do the job, but we know how difficult it can be to stay active during winter, so we gathered five amazing benefits to keep you motivated!   1. Physical activity keeps you young and fresh  

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Summer is almost gone unfortunately, and many prefer to plan their summer vacation around the last warm, sunny month of the year. Packing, even for a short trip is always a challenge, especially if you wish to stay committed to your skincare routine; given that protecting your skin is essential in summertime, we would like to recommend some products that will properly shield you from the sun.  
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At BeautyPest Inc., everything revolves around the guest. Our top priority is to offer a special experience, after which they leave with a genuine smile on their face and satisfied to the core. Each of you enter BeautyPest Inc. salon with trust, which we do not take lightly; be it brow sculpting, nail care or a facial, all our treatments are unique, which we consistently prove. Professional staff

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Welcome to tranquility… Embark on this one-of-a-kind getaway to reconnect with your path and purpose with a like-minded community on hand for support. This wellness retreat will help you to escape to spiritual journeys, self development and indulgence spa getaway. Focusing on your mind, body and soul, we will help you to find your flow and harness your balance during the meditation, yoga and beauty treatments on the shores of crystal blue Maldives. 

Yoga vs. Pilates

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