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As we enter spring, summer is only a stone’s throw away, the time when most women anxiously start trying to get their beach body back. Surprising fact: 90% of us will develop cellulite during our lifetime, regardless of age or weight; it can appear any time for anyone. Of course, certain factors may trigger it, but whatever the cause and whenever it happens, cellulite is simply annoying. The good news is that Endosphere Therapy will do miracles with the affected areas, after only a couple sessions.
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Most people would not think we have to use sun protection during winter, and it is true that UV radiation is less intense this time of the year and you probably won’t get sunburnt, but the damaging rays still affect us.

Wellness & mind

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We all have a little more time to relax at the end of the year and disappear in a warm bubble bath, which is delightful after getting in from the cold, and can be a real pampering moment during the day.   As the weather turns colder, a good bath feels even better. Time spent in the bathtub will warm and refresh the body and mind, while helping you relax and recharge. Sink into a tub full of water and enjoy the end-of-year relaxation with its several benefits.  
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We are all familiar with the term „fall fatigue”, and in today’s fast-pace world, autumn stress is no joke. After a warm summer and endless sunshine, the cold weather, darkness and everyday tasks take their toll on us, easily causing irritation and anxiety. Stress spoils your general mood, and could lead to health issues if untreated, so we gathered some relaxing activities to soothe your soul.

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Home & lifestyle

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Summer is almost gone unfortunately, and many prefer to plan their summer vacation around the last warm, sunny month of the year. Packing, even for a short trip is always a challenge, especially if you wish to stay committed to your skincare routine; given that protecting your skin is essential in summertime, we would like to recommend some products that will properly shield you from the sun.  
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At BeautyPest Inc., everything revolves around the guest. Our top priority is to offer a special experience, after which they leave with a genuine smile on their face and satisfied to the core. Each of you enter BeautyPest Inc. salon with trust, which we do not take lightly; be it brow sculpting, nail care or a facial, all our treatments are unique, which we consistently prove. Professional staff

Culture & travel

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Welcome to tranquility… Embark on this one-of-a-kind getaway to reconnect with your path and purpose with a like-minded community on hand for support. This wellness retreat will help you to escape to spiritual journeys, self development and indulgence spa getaway. Focusing on your mind, body and soul, we will help you to find your flow and harness your balance during the meditation, yoga and beauty treatments on the shores of crystal blue Maldives. 

Yoga vs. Pilates

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