Introducing Nelli



A Personal Message from Me to You,

Never would I have imagined for my business to be where it is today.

Growing up, as a young girl I have always loved beauty products and experimenting with them, whether it was with creams or make up.

I’ve always been so drawn to rituals such as baths, to cleanse my energy and to take care of my body and mind. Looking after my skin has always been a priority to me especially as my skin changes in the natural ageing process.

I believe in how we treat our skin reflects on our appearance as well as our bodies. For me finding the right product for my skin has always been so crucial, as I think that clean and natural ingredients are the most important.

Which is why, when I decided to open my own beauty salon I wanted to represent brands that I truly believed in, where I felt that their products were extraordinary.

Starting a family quite early I’ve always loved and still love motherhood as I have three beautiful kids with my husband, but I knew that I needed to occupy myself with something else as well. I was inspired to embark on this journey thanks to my curiosity of experimenting with products, my mother for many years did not understand why I used so many different lotions - she was not in the same mindset as I was.

Beauty has been a big part of my life, if I think about it already 20 years ago when the big beauty brands were the names all over in the beauty market, I strived to look further than the most commercialized brands, for me it was more about the quality, I was just looking for something different.

Starting this journey at first was of course scary at first, as this was something new for me, however I knew what I wanted and what I had envisioned. I was determined and I did have some fears but I knew that I had to put them aside and not let them get to me.

Nelli Ajrapetova

A prime example would be when I decided to expand the salon to Florida only a few years after opening the first salon here in Budapest. I always knew that I wanted to expand my business to the U.S. and West Palm Beach has been the destination for our family almost every year, getting the best of both worlds from the beautiful beaches to nightlife to family friendly fun. And here it is Beauty Ambassade - West Palm Beach opened its hospitable doors with same passion, energy and experience earend in Budapest.

What also was an important factor in opening my salon there was the fact that there was only 6 hours of time difference between West Palm Beach and Budapest, this way it was much easier to operate than having the salon somewhere like California. Of course making this decision to expand all the way to West Palm Beach, scared me as it was a new territory for me, however I knew what I wanted and I knew that this decision was going to push me out of my comfort zone.

Looking back at it today, through all the process and ups and downs that came along with my experience, I don’t regret any of it because I’ve learned so many things in business and in life, and I know that if it wasn’t for the support that I’ve had from my family and friends, or my own self determination I would not be here today where I am now.

Nelli Ajrapetova


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