Kinetics Beauty

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From day one the brand have been creating nail products for professionals. Them pride is their lab. Their chemists create hundreds of formulas monthly to be tested with nail professionals. Only when approved by both teams – chemists and educators – is a product launched to the market. This is Kinetics Beauty's professional way. The unique educational program keeps the professionalism level to its highest.



They believe design matters. Beautiful product packaging is Kinetics's passion. They love elegant, clean simplicity. It is the style of living and the same they express in the products. Coming from Northern Europe, Kinetics get the inspiration from the Nordic aesthetic and its pristine nature. They simply can’t think of compromising design.



At the Kinetics they are all human. They believe in healthy relationships. They grow together with their partners by listening to their ideas, creating solutions and new products to fit their needs. Kinetics Beauty keep things simple as are their products – simple to use, with a clear function. All the products are of professional quality yet they are user friendly.



The brand is a small, passionate team, and they believe the best way to live life is by exploring it. They tackle rope courses, welcome nature’s challenges and run marathons – they love to experience and explore. The team bring this spirit to their work by creating catchy polish names, crazy collection stories, and fun useful products. It gives color to our lives.


Kinetics Beauty

Kinetics Beauty


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